Brush Hogging/Clearing

Brush Hogging/Clearing is an ideal service when you are needing to clear property that has become overgrown with shrubs, plants, tall/thick grasses, and small trees. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can quickly clear your overgrown areas in hours, instead of days, with just a one-man crew and our skid steer mounted forestry mulcher. We provide brush clearing, land/lot clearing to both residential and commercial properties in Southern New Jersey.

Benefits of Brush Clearing

1. Improve the appearance of your property.
2. Increase the value of your property.
3. Reduce future maintenance and clearing costs.
4. Decrease the spread of disease: Overgrown brush makes a perfect habitat for animals such as deer, raccoons, and possums that may carry disease carrying ticks and fleas. This presents a health danger to both you and your family.

No matter how overgrown your land is now, we can eliminate unwanted brush and vegetation with minimal impact on the surrounding landscape and soil. Our clients use our brush clearing services for:
• Extending usable land for lawns from previously overgrown areas
• Adding access lanes or trails on your property
• Elimination of invasive or aggressive plants and weeds
• Increasing sunlight to desirable plants and grass
• Opening up scenic views
• Removing vegetation that’s too close to structures, roadways or overhead lines.

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